Devotion, Recovery, and 2015

Wow, 2014 flew by! I can hardly believe 2015 is knocking on the door.My thought about 2014 is…goodbye, good riddance. I want to warn 2015, “don’t you come in here thinking you are going to run rough-shod and knocking things over like 2014 did!” That may be how I feel, but I know I cannot talk to a year per se, but I can be prepared.

If you are in recovery from any addiction of any kind, gird up your loins, get ready to rumble. That is not having the expectation of bad things in store for 2015. It is all about being ready to battle, if necessary, while eagerly expecting the many good things as we recover, one day at a time. Are you ready? Have you laid out a plan of action?

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Franklin/Hamilton (both old Ben and Alexander are given credit for that quote)

God has a plan for you that is fabulous and exciting, brilliant in design, but hard for the finite mortal mind to accept. People love to quote their favorite passages from scripture. I certainly do. Here is one of them, now popular due to the masses addicted to dope and drink these days. This is a promise of hope:

 “For I know the plans I have in mind for you, says Adonai, plans for well-being, not for bad things; so that you can have hope and a future.” Jer.29:11 (Complete Jewish Bible)

God is not against you and I. He is for us. He is for YOU! But I want to tell you there is more to that scripture than our getting a fuzzy feeling and knowing God is not against us. There is instruction for us to prepare to receive God’s plan:

“When you seek me, you will find me, provided you seek for me wholeheartedly; and I will let you find me, says Adonai. THEN I will reverse your exile.” Jer. 29:13 (CJB)

It is wonderful to know God has us in mind, and has plans for us. Do we have Him in mind, and plans for Him? Is God the center of your plans in 2015? He is sure recovery from addictions. He is the Rock we build our spirituality on, Whose plans never fail us, and keep us steady.

2012 was a hard year. 2013 was even harder. 2014…ouch. Through it all, God kept me sober and growing, aware that each trial is a learning experience. Some may have been avoided. I know often my spiritual guard was down, the enemies attacked with glee, I wanted to cry “UNCLE!” dozens of times. That is not in God’s plans or mine.

Think, Act, Plan (TAP)
Think about the year ahead. Act by talking to God as to how you want 2015 to be different for you in relation to Him and your life. Plan by writing down things you want to address and overcome, changes you feel you need to make, and how, a year from now, you want to see yourself body, mind, and spirit. Will you be able to say, “2015 was a great year?”

O’ Leader, Where Art Thou?

You want to go to a great leadership seminar but don’t have the money? Well, I can’t float you a loan, but I can give you some advice in a few short minutes that saves you from three days of training. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not being an arrogant know-it-all. This advice comes from scripture and from training I have received over the decades in sales and church ministry training.

The first thing
If you are having success in a certain ministry, does it make you feel good to be recognized? Really, who doesn’t appreciate recognition for a job well done? Putting hours on end into service, and then dealing with those difficult “children of the Lord,” ought to be rewarded with at  recognition if nothing else, right?
Paul had to write the Corinthian church, reminding them they were still “carnal” because of the report he received that the church was dividing itself by boasting about which “big time evangelist” baptized them.

…”one of you says, ‘I follow Paul’; another, ‘I follow Apollos’; another, ‘I follow Cephas’, still another, ‘I follow Christ.’ Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you?”…For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel-not with human words of wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be EMPTIED of it’s power.” 1 Cor. 1:12-13, 17 (read the whole passage 10-17)

Die to applause, don’t worry about who gets credit. You are only leading by God’s grace in Christ. Needing praise for your “ministry” is “you centered” and will cause a power outage in your spirituality. “But it is my ministry, what God gave me to do.” you say. Really?

“All of me, none of God. Some of me, some of God. None of me, all of God.” anon.

The number two reason
Leader: Here is what we are going to do.
Helpers: I don’t know about that.
Leader: This is not subject to discussion.
Helpers: That’s messed up…that won’t work, I think I’ll find another church to attend.

Why have leaders that have no part in the ministry? Here’s why. You need them to lead the groups to follow YOUR agenda…WRONG. If you are here, return to Go, directly to go and do not collect $200. (monopoly players get that) It is not about you. If you think it is, resign immediately and get to celebrate recovery for your megotistic approach.

“For waging war you need guidance, and for victory many advisers.” Prov.24:6
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Prov.27:17

Please hear what I’m trying to say. Give your ministry a real nice burial. Take what God has given you in talent as a seed to plant in others. The idea is to multiply your talent, magnify Christ, glorify God, and the Holy Spirit will lead people to what God is doing in your group. You plant, another waters…and God gives the increase. Paradoxically, you give praise away, God increases you.

We give nothing that God does not honor, when we give it to, or in honor of Him.

I hope you give these two reasons some thought. There are others, perhaps for another time.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

Why We Fail

“Why don’t you just quit?” That’s a question an alcoholic has never heard before…right. The addict has never thought of that either. People that do not suffer from either of these problems make statements like this. They really think they have no bad habits or addictions. They do. Somewhere on this list, they are found.

  • Gambling
  • workaholic
  • shopaholic
  • porn-freak
  • scare-d-cat (Fearful of… you name it)
  • codependent
  • pride (gotcha)
  • critic, gossip (point out everyone’s faults, don’t see theirs)
  • liar
  • doubter
  • worry-wart/complainer/negative talk
  • smoker
  • abusive to others (verbal or physical)
  • greed
  • anger addiction (get mad for no apparent reason)
  • over-eater, under-eater, poor unhealthy eater

Somewhere YOU are on this list, maybe more than once. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the fallen human race. We all have parts that need replaced or repaired. (If you are sure you have NO addiction and completely well, professional help is advised.)

“I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.” Rom. 7:18

On the above list, which of these do you think God disapproves of the most? (probably the one you don’t have) In Proverbs 6, the writer give a short list that covers the above. He hates sin. The playing field is even for us. No finger pointing, not even toward heinous sins unnamed above. Why don’t we just quit?

There are three things I feel that head the list for our inability to live in freedom. Each character defect, sin, short-coming, and vice have to be dealt with individually. For that to happen, we need to see them first. That can only happen through admission that we need to be free, finding what it takes to obtain that freedom, then “name it and claim it.” Don’t hide it any longer, make the move, get the help, take the road to freedom.

Why the Failure
The three things I see are: 1.) Denial 2.) No desire 3.) Pride
You may see three different things and that’s cool, this is just the three I seem to deal with personally, as well as those I work with in recovery.

Denial is our attempt to hide the problem from everyone, including ourselves. Sometimes it is hidden well. A chronic complainer or someone who talks negative all the time don’t know they are complaining or negative. Another aspect of denial is we know about an issue but if we address it, people won’t think we are perfect. “The family has flaws.” They already know…you think they don’t.

No desire to get well is simply the pain has not reached the unbearable point. The alcoholic/addict doesn’t dream of help without pain through loss of relationships, jobs, things, or no way to feed that addiction. Incarceration doesn’t do the trick for most of these. When the cell door swings open to freedom, they go back to the habit. The co-dependent’s pain doesn’t reach miserable until their addiction lands them in bankruptcy or divorce court.

Pride driven by fear makes sure we do not seek help. We know about the problem, but we are sure we can will-power it away. Pride tells anyone and everyone they don’t need help, they fly solo.

Two things
Followers of Christ have two ways out. Prayer and the Word. When we pray for God to expose anything that displeases Him, He does. We may not like the method He uses, but if after we pray, a brother or sister in Christ may come to us and shares something in private they think we need to address about ourselves, don’t kill the messenger. Remember, you asked God to beam a light on anything displeasing to Him.

The second thing is the Word. Ps 119:130 says, “The entrance of Your Word gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.” The light of the written word shines a light on us, exposing the sin that besets us. Making the Living Word and prayer a part of our daily life, will give direction, and keep us from failing to overcome these sins and defects. Don’t ask anyone, “why don’t you just quit,” anymore. It exposes your own failure to find freedom.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.


Short book trailer



I am very grateful for the everyone who has received help and blessings from the book “Under The Influence.” This trailer is designed to play when the book is distributed around the country. If you are working on a book, or have one in print, be prepared to spend as much…actually much more time promoting your work than writing it. Write anyway and don’t get discouraged. The publishing process is very slow with publishers dealing with thousands of books each week. Many people are turning to ebooks for simplicity. I have two short books myself there…with cheesy covers.

Keep this in mind: Write for God’s glory and to help others, put it’s success in His sure hands, and He will see that those who need what you have get it. Many of you are wonderful writers but have been discouraged having not been published by a non-pay-to-play publisher, like Random House or Zondervan, etc. Try on Amazon’s site, submit your content and presto! you’re published. Give what God has given you to help others. Who knows, maybe you will be the next…big-shot. (that’s a little shot that kept shooting) Blessings!

Guarding the Gates

There are many things acceptable today that were taboo yesterday. When I was a little kid, TV was our “gaming,” so to speak, that absorbed hours of our attention. TV was the first real electronic “baby sitter” in our modern times that allowed moms and dads to move about freely throughout the day without having to constantly watch the children. I was mesmerized by TV and the four or five channels we had to watch. I most remember a certain show that came on past my 9:30 bed time. Shock Theater was a weekend show that played scary movies from the !930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, that I would watch with a pillow close by, so I could cover my face when the music clued me that something bad was about to happen. My memories are vivid, how that for days after watching the “Wolfman,” or “Frankenstein’s monster,” I would not look at the windows at night for fear that one of those fiend’s faces would be staring in at me!

Today we laugh at those old flicks, they are so cheesy, nearly comical. Movie makers have progressed in producing terror for modern society, so the ensuing generations may have the experience I loved to hate. As a result of my early fears, I would not allow my 3 children to watch horror movies. I did not want them to have to have a night light in their bedroom, or have to sleep with the bedroom door open or closed out of fear. Even then, I realized we need to “guard the gates” of our heart and mind, to keep fear from getting a foothold in our existence.

Doorway to the Soul
What are the gates? The eyes, ears, the heart, and mind are all places of entry that we need protect from fear gaining that place in us, causing the ripple effect, and producing all sorts of dread, terror, and fright for no apparent reason. Fear enters a gate, finds access eventually to the mind, and works its way to the heart, and out of the mouth fears are expressed and realized. In recovery, people fear relapsed, some even have terror of returning to that way of life. We have to guard the gates of the mind from the “triggers” entry. Those triggers may be something as simple as an old song, or talking about the fun we had while drunk or using, that walk through our gates and will not leave. Recovery meetings are vitally important. This is the place where the suffering hear words of hope, faith, and help. These too, enter those gates and find residence and grow strength to win out over the many fear-based qualities we let in for a lifetime.

As a follower of Christ, as I allow the Word of Truth in my gates, my faith grows in the form of spiritual understanding, and many little fears that took hold in my life leave without a fight. Others may take longer. The important thing for us to know is that we allow access to fear, we guard the gates. Apathy, or complacency, the thought that, “that’s silly, that movie isn’t that scary, the kids can watch it,” is all the enemy of our souls needs to find a foothold. As innocent as it may seem, that little bit of fright gains a place to start its web of phobias throughout that child. Selah. (pause and think about that)

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Ps.27:1
“I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Ps.34:4

There are fears that are healthy. touching a flame, walking the edge of a cliff, or walking across an interstate at rush hour are all things to be wary of. As a parent, we must be cautious of who our children hang-out with, keep them away from trouble, or making sure they are not trouble, or a bully themselves. Fears we develop, allow in the gates, are our enemies when God rules our hearts. Addictions, depression (for no medical reason), hoarding, selfishness, anger, are all fear-based as well as terror and dread. Set your house alarm to guard the gates of your being by putting faith’s shield, God’s Word, up as a “force field” so to speak. Let it’s truth build courage, hope, and trust in God’s mercy to keep you from harm. If you have little ones, teach them to be brave in adversity, and that they know to respect healthy fears, and not hide from fears that aren’t there.

If you are in recovery from addictions, know your “triggers” and stay clear of telling the old stories of your past with admiration. Ask God to let you never forget what allowing unqualified fears in the gates of your heart got you, and the misery it provided your friends and family. Let determination in, be with people who are determined if you are struggling. Their faith and confidence is contagious.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!

Devotional- Start the New Year Right!

securedownload backmatter If you do a daily read as a personal devotion, this book can be an excellent tool in helping you grow in Christ daily. It is written with those suffering with addictions they want to stay free of with God’s help. It is helpful with any hurt, habit, and hang-up you or a loved one may struggling with. Some who have purchased the book that don’t have a problem personally have said it is what they use as their daily read as well, and it has helped them, and given them a better understanding of how to help those with addictions and hang-ups.

Many people make resolutions at year’s end they plan to do in the upcoming year for self-improvement, and one of the top goals is to start a daily read and time with God. This is a great book to use along with your Bible and I suggest a personal journal too. I like to read a chapter from Proverbs, a Psalm, along with a daily page, and that is perfect to use for my morning program, as we call it in recovery.

You can find the ebook version at Kindle and Nook, and the paper-back at or you can go to Barnes and Noble (no relation), and nearly any bookstore can get it if they do not have it on the shelf. If you want a signed copy, you can go to and I will sign it and mail it to you as fast as possible. The site has paypal, and accepts all major credit cards. If you go to my site, be sure to add $3.00 for shipping, anywhere in the US, and $5.00 outside of the country. The cost is $21.50, plus tax, or $23.00 total, $26.oo to ship. I would like to suggest that if you have a loved one with an addiction, get this book for them, something that points them to real living in Christ, instead of a shirt they may never wear.

Thanks for reading, thanks in advance to those who buy the book, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas, with Jesus the center of attention!

Slavery That is Real Today

Slavery was abolished in the nineteenth century here in the USA. The ripple effect from open crime of slavery that existed has never stopped “rippling.” There is an effect from every cause, a reaping of the seed that is sown, and this nation, though many feel that the loss of 600,000 plus individuals in the civil war paid the price for the sin, some still remained enslaved by bitterness and resentments from that dark time in history. They cannot be free from the anguish suffered by their ancestors at the hands of slave owners and slave traders, to which some would say, “why not forgive and forget?” We cannot identify, having never experienced the horrors of being ripped out of your home, and placed among strangers that regard you as one of their farm animals. This is hard to forget, harder to forgive, but with God all things are possible.
There is a slavery that disregards race, gender, heritage, or privilege. This slavery is not physical slavery, chains placed on our hands and feet. This slavery effects senators, representatives, CEO’s, homeless, middle-class, the poor and the rich. This slavery is voluntary, and driven by desire for more, from trying to “keep up with the Jones’s” so to speak. This slavery is indebtedness. Statistics show that 45% of Americans are literally bankrupt, and could not survive financially for two weeks without a paycheck. 72% of Americans could not go 90 days without pay. We are driven by the temptations of “Madison avenue” ads and the “latest” in fashion. The whole of society makes this point clear, if you want to be accepted, you must have the latest. The anguish felt by families and individuals from the weight of debt, may never compare to the physical slavery suffered in the past, nonetheless it is real, and drives people to do crimes, and in some extremes…end their lives.
“The rich rules over the poor; and the borrower is a servant to the lender.” Prov.22:7
The message is, and has been over the past few years is, get out of debt! that is easier said than done, but with God all things are possible. Our only hope is His help, but He will only help the one who is willing to change, it seems. It is prayer, rejecting what the gang says is “in,” and the willingness to do whatever it takes to be free of this new slavery. The desire to no longer have to have the best, or as much as my neighbor, the determination to say no to our personal wants are the steps to freedom out of the deep mire of heavy debt.
 There is something terribly wrong when a couple making well above a six-figure income combined is being choked to death from indebtedness. And to think that you cannot give to important charities, and worthwhile projects, though you make good money is sad. It is for us all to make the decision to say no, to skip over the so-called “great deals” that can start the steps to freedom from this slavery. It comes down to being a good steward over the things God has given us. It all belongs to Him ultimately, He lets us have the opportunity to have even more when we show ourselves faithful over what we have now. Ask His help now, and be determined to be emancipated from this slavery once and for all. And one last thing. Pray for those enslaved physically in the world today. There are reportedly 27 million slaves in this world, more slaves than anytime in history. We don’t see that because we aren’t looking or are too worried about our personal problems, like heavy debt. And even though slavery was abolished in this country over a hundred years ago, the wounds still need to be healed. God can heal us.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!

In God’s Hands

Is everything in your life going as you expected it to? In my time living sober, I have a new perspective regarding my own expectations. As I entered into this way of life, all I could see was a broken past with lost dreams I had given up to live with the in-crowd. I held on to the hopes of high-living all the way through years of drinking.
In time I was able to shake off the guilt and the failures, and began working with others seeking help from drinking and drugging, and helping them through the 12 step program. I originally planned to never lose even one I sponsored, thinking how I could change the traditional way of guiding the one needing help with my excellent leadership abilities. That, as you probably know, didn’t work. Every expectation was shattered. The harder I tried to hold on to their being successful, the more I failed, the more disappointed I became. Those I expected to failed, continue to prove me wrong and the ones I thought would surely succeed, failed miserably.
“I have held many things in my hands and lost them all; but whatever I placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” – Martin Luther
Hold on loosely
As a child develops learning skills, they become so interesting to talk to. It is a pleasure to watch them learn to write their ABC’s and read from a book. They cannot be pushed too hard or they struggle to learn. But with encouragement and motivation, their skills may come smoothly. If we go step further and pray for the child learning, and place the outcome into God’s hands, the learning may come even easier, still with our encouragement and motivation. We turn our expectations away from the child, to the Father above. The same must go with those I may work with in rec. Remove the expectation and pressure, let them initiate contact, and their journey is much surer, my frustrations were fewer.
I have the same experiences in my walk with Christ. I learn daily how far above His ways are above mine. I think I am doing things right by sharing my experience, strengths, and hopes with others by writing these posts and helping others in their recovery, but I can see that I leave out time with God to do those things. What that does for me is dulls my spiritual awareness, and I wind up spending precious time struggling to think of how to say the right things. When He is my priority, the thoughts flow and I seem to have an answer, a topic, and a spiritual insight for needed help. Yet I hold on to my way, and my failure prone expectations.
The answer for us all is this:  Our “ministry” does not matter, if we hold onto the control buttons, as though the message belongs to us. It is God-given. The paradox is that we place the work, and it’s outcome into His hands to see it succeed. Like the small child learning, our entire life is learning to hold loosely, and be willing to let go. Does that make sense?
What we hold.  
We have all heard that when we pass away we leave it all behind. The saying, “you can’t take it with you,” is the popular way of saying that. I beg to differ. I will not leave it all behind. Jesus said these words:
“Do not lay up treasures for yourselves on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven where neither moth or rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matt. 6:19-21 NKJV
 What  does  by treasure? He isn’t talking about dollars, silver, and gold, that are unnecessary in heaven. My account, your account is based on our life and service here on earth. Giving love to the unlovely, time to the lonely, strength to the weak, has comforting rewards on earth. Doing the work of Jesus by serving those in need, brings Him to life through us to them. We benefit as much or more than the ones we help. And our treasure grows in heaven. Paydays with God are unending.
I understand that this life here is the place where we learn from trial to trial, to conform to the image of Christ, learning and developing the “fruit” of the spirit to where we instantly know to let go and let God, or to hold loosely and trust the outcome to His hands, but it remains a hard thing to do. But we continue to do what is needed and build treasures in our eternal account. The important thing to remember is to give Him the time and not put a clutch-hold on anything, allow each experience to be a lesson, and be trusting as a child for the results.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

Blessing For All

If you’re a sports fan, you often hear atheletes say “I’m blessed,” normally after they win. People talk about their children and use the word “blessed.” At the dinner table many call the prayer over their food the “blessing.” There are many uses of the word “bless.” The word is defined: to request of God the bestowal of divine favor on, to guard from evil, to make or pronounce as holy.
There was a time when the head of the family would pronounce blessing upon his children before his death. In Genesis 27, Isaac blesses Jacob before he passes, and his blessing over Jacob was for both he and his descendants. The same goes for Jacob as he passes. Genesis 48-49, Jacob blesses his 12 sons. If you read these blessings placed on the sons, the fathers of Israel’s 12 tribes and know of their history, you will not only see the importance of the patriarch’s blessing, but also see the fulfillment throughout scripture. Jacob, (Israel), blessed his 12 sons, and God stood behind his blessing to their fulfillment. Jacob bestowed divine favor on his children.
There are many examples throughout scriptures of blessings, and knowing this, it is very apparent that by blessing another, we bring divine favor on that person. We can and do bless, or curse our own children. We bless or curse our spouses, our employers, and friends by our words over them. Telling a child they won’t amount to anything if they don’t apply themselves may be true, but wrong in it’s presentation. Comparing one child to another is terribly wrong. Those things you’re saying to them is prophetic whether you believe it or not. Just think of the things your parents said to you, and tell me differently if you can.
We must say words of blessing and encouragement over our children, spouses, friends, co-workers, and really everyone we meet. By blessing our children, placing the favor of God on them, things will begin to change in their lives in dramatic fashion. So how do you bless them? What words do you say to bless others? Let’s look at Numbers 6:22-27
And the Lord spoke to Moses saying: “Speak to Aaron and his sons saying, this is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them: The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. The Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you peace.So they shall put My Name on the children of Israel, and I WILL BLESS THEM.
You may have heard these words at church or at your synagogue quite often, and they may have lost or have no meaning to you. But think on these words in the passage. God said that when this blessing is pronounced over the people, His Name is placed upon the people. The Eternal Self-Existing Creator of everything created, stands behind these words.
His name encompasses everything needed for a person to live a life of blessing.  And the scriptures are full of examples of blessings to others, even to bless God, set Him apart as holy in our lives. My purpose in this blog is that we learn to bless others, not curse them by wishing evil to happen to them. Don’t even think those thoughts of “I hope they get what they deserve.” You may get what you deserve with those thoughts. No, let’s think good toward others, let’s place blessings on others.
Let’s go to our churches and recovery meetings to be a blessing instead of going to get a blessing. And bless each other, our homes, our families, even strangers we meet everyday. God bless and keep you. God grant you the prayers you ask of Him. May God prosper you, and keep you in health.

The Sting of Public Opinion

Most of my life I have been concerned with what people think about me. I have worked hard to appear in clothes that wasn’t too uncool, and try not to say uncool things, or have opinions that went against general consensus. Today that has changed in many ways. I still care how I may appear. After spending some time in recovery from alcoholism however, I discovered that it’s not important what you think of me, but what I think of you.
I know that my opinion of you determines my growth as a follower of Christ working to stay clean and sober. I try to look at everyone through these new glasses, look for the good in everyone, and worry less of how they see me. Concern of how we appear to others, how well our family appears to do in life, can be deceitful and deadly if a family member has an addiction, and we are afraid to seek help for them, fearing of what others may think. Fear of opinion can take people into massive debt, for the sake of appearing well off. Coming to grips with who we are, accepting our standing in life, trusting that God can and will improve our position among men, indicates our freedom from people’s approval.
“The fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trust in the Lord is kept safe.” Prov. 29:25 (NIV)
Politicians are often caught by words they say, because they say so many words. One politician was running for office and trying to impress the evangelicals as to his Bible knowledge. When asked his favorite book in the Bible he said, “the book of Noah.” It was funny at the time, but it is fear of not getting the vote that the politician lied rather than just being truthful, and admitting he didn’t know much about the Bible.  This is the case for many of us. Fearing man’s opinion causes dishonesty in everyone at one point.
Think about the times you may have been dishonest, not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. It happens often. How do we really free ourselves from the fear of man? Of all worldly fears, I consider the fear of how we “look” to be, the worst of all fears. First of all, pray. Ask God to help you focus on areas to serve. When you get outside of yourself, you pay little attention to what others think. If your busy helping others, you’ll find how little you matter. Second, get rid of the uniqueness you think you own. You are not unique, God didn’t destroy the mold after He designed you. He didn’t think I can’t improve on this one! You are no different from anyone. You will face the same problems, probably experience the same victories, etc. You can be an alcoholic or a drug addict, in spite of your personal goodness. You can be killed in an accident, so wear your seat belt. You can fall down, so watch your step! People really feel that anything bad couldn’t happen to them. (sorry didn’t mean to get off topic)
The third thing to do is read the Word. It is the medicine that builds faith and destroys fears. Don’t let fear of public opinion run your life. Build faith in who you are in Christ! Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all,Keith.