Hopes of Thanksgiving

Here it is again, “black Friday” eve, the day people do what they would never dream of doing on a normal day. Camping out for bargains, seriously? The only problem with black Friday is that Thanksgiving Day gets in the way. Indeed, the time spent making food, visiting with the family, and all of the stores closing early on Thursday, makes Friday seem a week away. It is apparent we have come to this. We have more concern about being first in line to buy that certain thing that will be appreciated for a short time, if at all, rather than using Thursday to pause, and pray a prayer of gratitude, and gather memories from the family time that last forever.

I am guilty. Last evening we had our family gathering, at my 82 year old parents home. My wife and I along with 7 of our 8 grandchildren, (and one in the oven), and I thought on the way there how we need to have a few moments to go around the room and ask each one what they are grateful for. That didn’t happen. In arriving late, we brought the turkey in the house, I began to carve the bird, when finished, everyone gathered, we prayed over the food, then everyone filled their plates, then their bellies. Because of the number of people in the house we ate in different rooms. Everything was delicious, as usual.

My plan didn’t happen, mainly because it was not a plan, it was a thought. But that gives me reason to say to you all, plan this. Start a family tradition of your own, and be creative. Make this tradition that you and your entire family remembers each year, and looks forward to ahead of Friday bargain sales, and the football games. You will not remember who won the game from last year, but you may never forget your last thanksgiving with your parents, or that funny thing one of the children said they were grateful for. And why not have some one take notes, or video the event?

I hope you don’t dwell on “Black Friday,” or on the football game instead of taking time with family that you rarely see…this may be the last time you see each other. I hope you act the servant and let others go ahead of you in line to fill their plate. I hope you help clean up afterward, not fall asleep on the couch. I hope that if you don’t take my advice, you get indigestion.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.